Halal:\ha-lal\: is an Arabic term that means ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’.
The term Halal is applied to many aspects of life; a few among many others are the reference to meat products, pharmaceuticals and food contact materials.



The global demand for Halal products is changing the landscape of Halal business. With so many varied products to offer, the market value of Halal products has hit trillions of US dollars annually. In Malaysia alone, the market from Halal product foods consumed is close to US 10 billion.

As efforts are being made by the Malaysian Government to turn Malaysia into an international Halal hub, organisations with products and services including food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals even clothing must now capitalise on the growth potential of this ever-developing Halal Industry.

USD2.1 trillion

Annual global market value for the entire Halal trade

USD900 million

Annual retail sales of Halal meat in the United Kingdom

1.6 billion

Present global Muslim population

1 billion

Muslim population in Asia

3 billion

Estimated global Muslim population in 2010

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