Located at the western side of Port Klang, Pulau Indah was known in the past as Pulau Lumut and was connected only by boats. Its activities centred to agriculture and fishing. Literally translated, Pulau Indah means ‘beautiful island’. And for the many visitors who have been to the island, indeed it is just so with its traditional Malay villages, its unhurried way of life and the lush green surroundings and mangrove coast all set on the southern side of the island. The northern side of the island on the other hand is developed with industrial estates and commercial developments.

Today, Pulau Indah is fast becoming the centre of growth supported by the port’s development and its rapid progress, in line with the Selangor State Government’s effort to transform it into a centre for eco-tourism, commercial and industrial importance.

Central Spectrum aims to develop Pulau Indah into a high-income economy district and provide work opportunities with a commitment to turn Pulau Indah into a prestigious land of prospects.

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